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Some things arrive on time for their Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors, say the decoy show, while other things, say the perch bite off Waukegan, arrive when good and ready.


Flood waters on Carlyle Lake forced the postponement of Illinois' third state championship for bass fishing.

storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Click here for these Fishes of the Week from Heidecke Lake.


It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

Weather--it's been historically freaky April--impacts even the lakes and areas section of the Midwest Fishing Report this week, enough that I am very grateful for the cooling lakes this time of year.

edhed High water, or should that be flood waters, and deciphering its meaning

leads this rivers section of the Midwest Fishing Report.

turkeyjump Largely because of weather, Illinois' turkey harvest

continues to lag behind last year's near-record pace.

Click here for the start of Morel of the Week, at least I hope it is the start of it, and other field notes.


IDNR director Marc Miller talks with Joel Greenberg and me about the budget, the extent of the IDNR's work, and the broader issue of science, politics and the IDNR.


The good news is that the high schoolers pressed on under tough conditions Thursday and Friday to catch some bass at most sectional sites of the third Illinois High School Association bass fishing tournament; the bad news is that adult decisions put the kids in that tough spot to begin with.


So why do I have a video of fizzing a fish to lead this Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors?

IHSA bass fishing: Later

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For those who asked, I will try to pull together a look at the sectionals for IHSA bass fishing tournament by late today.

Considering the weather that rolled through the past few days--tornadic storms, high winds, thunderstorms, heavy rain, snow, cold--I am not doing an extended online Midwest Fishing Report this week.

I am doubling up tonight and tomorrow on ``Epics and Ethics of Perch,'' first the North Side version, then the South Side version.

Click here for the FOTW from Joe Littrell, whose king adds another dimension to early salmon.


It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

Corrections abound on this 49-inch, 79-pound grass carp caught Downstate.


Looks like the wild spring weather is keeping turkey down, as least in the early seasons in Illinois.

Click here for this wild Wild of the Week from the Brookfield Zoo and other field notes.


Frank Gordon talks with Joel Greenberg and me about 55 years of keeping bees around Kankakee this afternoon on Outside.


Looks like one of those weekends that remind us April is still close to March, but there are things to do for this Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors, including checking if morels or wild asparagus are poking up.


A tough opening day on April 4 kept down first season turkey harvest in Illinois' south zone.

I am a bit surprised, but the possibility of a fourth waterfowl zone is alive and viable for Illinois waterfowl hunters.

storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

The three Cs of April--coho, crappie and cooling lakes--again lead this Midwest Fishing Report.

Well, the rivers, as of now, are in better shape than expected for the rivers section of the Midwest Fishing Report; though fishing has been tough enough for much of the month that faithful contributor recommended Lawrence's.

It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

Click here for the Fishes of the Week, a striper and a blue from drives around Illinois.

FOTW04-13-11-2 FOTW04-13-11

Click here for this Wild of the Week from Mike Reynolds and other field notes.


District wildlife biologist Bob Massey talks with Joel Greenberg and me about local mammals and our interactions with them, and their interactions with us this afternoon on Outside.


The best thing about this Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors might be the weather forecast, which says we're to bust 80 by Sunday.

Coho in southern Lake Michigan and cooling lakes again lead this Midwest Fishing Report, but I would also note the separately spotlighted good smelting in Chicago.

When the reports come of the sucker run in Michigan, you know spring comes for the rivers section of the Midwest Fishing Report.

I had a hard time believing this, but there have been some quality smelt catches, at least by recent standards, on the Chicago lakefront.

It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

Click here the tale of Ben Bjork's trout.


gortowskirs Ken Gortowski sent a split report;

first, prospects and suggestions, the his afternoon outing.

No, this cinnamon teal is not an April Fool's joke; it is a a piece of Chicago outdoors history and click here for it's being Wild of the Week and other field notes. However, the bird was part of a great April Fool's jokes.


Joel Greenberg and I take a look at species that have disappeared or became extinct in our area--passenger pigeons, bison, herring, ciscoes, elk--this afternoon on "Outside."

This is the weekend where spring truly seems to arrive for Wild Weekend Wanderings around Chicago outdoors, at least by the calendar and things scheduled.

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