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Ramble with Storm: Halfway

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storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

In the strictest sense, I am not sure if it was flurrying this morning or snow showering. And did I just invent a meteorological term?

At any rate, it was doing something white and frozen at a light rate.

Enough to sprinkle white bits on my brown fleece. Enough to white car windshields. Enough to dabble white in greening grass.

But it melted on the sidewalks and roadways.

We're halfway there.

The gravel roads leading to the town pond were unfrozen, sloppy from the rains the day before.

Over a decade of morning rambles, I've learned one of the surest signs of spring is the trilling of red-winged blackbirds. This morning I found mutliple ones trilling along the shorelines.

I found four pair of Canada geese staking out what I assume will be their nesting areas. Most years, there are seven pairs nesting. Maybe the others were hidden or elsewhere.

The pair that nests on the island are not on the nest yet. That will come soon, very soon.

On the south end of the town pond, in the shoreline-shaded reaches, an ice cap hung on.

Insistently. Defiantly.

The light snow on the grass is already melted as I type.

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s*** has now been shifted to the profanity pile. I don't want to see any more until christmas eve.
I know you like morels and sparagus, how about ramps? i could let you know when it starts.

I have never looked for ramps, and from stories of people who do, they sound like something I would enjoy, both finding and eating.

Ramps are... Wild Onions??


Ramps are the wild, stringy spring onions that Chicago is named after.

It is said they taste like green onions with a dash of stinky feet.

Some linguistic experts claim that the word "Chicago" is actually a variation of the old french for "No thanks, I'll take a pass on those".

SF Jones, don't know who you are, but please contribute more regularly. You made my morning.

Back in the hills they say a ramp eater can clear a room single handed.
Kinda like big green onions with a garlic taste. Don't look for any kisses from from your homey after eating.
I'll call you when they are up and tell you where. I don't want to make it public as I hear they go for about $10 a pound at farmer's markets from chefs at fancy eating joints.

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