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Ramble with Storm: First goose nest

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storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

A lone goose skittered out from under the bridge over the neckdown between the two old clay pits as the meathead and I approached yesterday morning.

Ah, ah. I know a thing or two. One goose this time of year usually means that the other part of the pair is nesting.

I looked at the usual spot on island, but saw nothing.

For years, a pair has nested in the exactly same spot on the island in the south part of the town pond. They did it with the sort of precision that suggested an avian GPS at work.

Then I saw a strip of white, a few feet away, and made out a goose laying flat. They had moved the nest slightly. I don't know if I missed it earlier, or if they just started sitting on it.

I have been looking for two weeks.

According to a Ramble from last March, I first noticed the geese nesting on the town pond on March 23 in 2010.

This morning more signs.

A great blue heron, I believe the first of the year unless my memory is going, lifted off from the corner of the north end of the town pond this morning.

Eight bluebills (at least as best as I could ID) were on the town pond. Not sure why bluebills were there. But they scooted as we approached.

Didn't see any mallards or wood ducks, but I suspect the fact Storm and I got a late start this morning (cranking out fishing reports and such), well after the sun was up, made a difference in that.

A small bird I couldn't positively ID kept ahead of us as we walked along the trail by the old rail bed.

Much warmer than I expected.

I collect the signs as they come, when they come.

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