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Ramble with Schmitt: Shaking off mud

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edschmittnightrs There are people worth reading

(or should that be viewing in this format). Ed Schmitt is one.

He wrote a wonderful piece about shaking off winter, something that not easy to do.

And I mean both shake off winter and write about it.

Click here to view/read it at

I meant to get to this a couple days ago. Just catching up. This is worth catching up to.

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He can be pretty good with words.
It's tough to convince him of that though.
Makes you want to smack him in the head.

I smack my own head so much that if anyone else was to smack me I would surely lose whatever sense I have left.

Thanks for the nod Dale.

Good stuff Ed. It's good to see that guys like you, Dan and Cory are there to take the torch and continue lighting the way.

Thanks Norm, but you Dale, Ken, and the rest have many more laps left before handoff. Ya'll aren't THAT old.

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