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MWC: Meravy/Brunz winners

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SPRING VALLEY, Ill.--Most everybody was happy with the 25th MWC, which had an unbelievable number of five-fish limits weighed each day: 121 of 123 registered teams on Day 1, 120 of 123 on Day 2.


About the only unhappy faces were the father-and-son team of Tom Giachetto Jr. and his dad (above watching the final weigh-in) from Ladd.

Mark Meravy of Shorewood and his Minnesotan partner Tom Brunz weighed 12.57 pounds on Sunday on Day 2 to eke out a victory by half a pound over the Giachettos.


While it was nice to see Meravy (above) win his second piece of a title, the real story was how outstanding the bite was for sauger.

More to come in some other form.

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"More to come in some other form."
-That's two now.

Sharp eyes Raptor. You are correct. And they will come eventually.

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