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LaSalle Lake: Opening update

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I would love to be proved wrong, but from what I have gathered, LaSalle Lake will be staffed in time to reopen for fishing on March 16, however, with restricted hours.


Last year, the lake also had restricted hours in the early going, meaning that guys couldn't go there after work.

That's plain stupid. In March is when LaSalle is vital.

Bottom line, I think LaSalle Lake, what I consider our greatest public site in northeast Illinois for open-water fishing in late winter and early spring, will be constricted once again.

Let me be even blunter. I think LaSalle Lake is our greatest fishing spot, period, in late winter and early spring.

Coinstricting it's use is unacceptable in the winter and spring.

This is completely ass-backwards. LaSalle should be open in winter for shore fishing, and focused on spring use for boats and shore fishing both.

Simply getting the lake reopened on time is not good enough.

There needs to be a full-bore re-evaluabion of how the lake is utilized.

Official word should come shortly.

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Well put !

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