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Braidwood Lake: Opening morning

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Braidwood Lake reopened to fishing Tuesday morning, and I couldn't wait to be there.


A bluegill was my first fish. I only had two hours, before having to go home and crank out Wednesday's outdoors page for the Sun-Times.

I envied those who could put in more time.

As the sun came up, it warmed up into a decent winter morning.


There were pieces of history, such as Chicagoan Wardell Washington, who caught a 46-pound flathead four years ago from Braidwood, making his way to his spot.

Chris Walter, a Lemont teen, caught what I think was the first largemouth of the season, a 2 1/2-pounder just off the parking lot on the south end.

It was a good chunky fish

I fished the south end, alternating between a Pop-R or rat-l-trap on a bass rod with 8-pound mono and a Mini-Mite with waxies on a light rod with 4-pound mono. Found a pocket of active bluegill and catfish.

Caught three bluegill on three casts. Ultimately I went 10-for-29. That included four bluegill (one keeper-sized), one shad and five catfish (one keeper-sized).

Having reached double figures, reassuring myself that I could fish, I stopped fishing and started interviewing people.

Good day to be out, a much needed change for Chicago fishing.

Back at my car, Archie Bobbett showed me a photo of a 6-pound bass he had just caught.

It was time.

Sun shone brightly on back-roads drive home.

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