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Illinois outdoors: Blizzard of 2011 impacts

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The Blizzard of 2011 closed all or parts of many IDNR sites, especially in northern Illinois; however, it looks like most will reopen in time for weekend park users.

Click here for the latest updates on site closures or reopening.

Here is the official word from the IDNR:

Several IDNR Sites Remain Closed due to Winter Storm Event in Illinois

IDNR Website provides updated closure information

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is reminding the public that several state-managed parks, natural areas and other sites remain closed after the massive winter storm that struck Illinois earlier this week.

Some IDNR sites throughout the state remain fully or partially closed due to access and other issues related to heavy volumes of snow and ice or debris.

"The IDNR is working as quickly as possible to reopen our parks for the public to enjoy once again, but our focus remains on life and safety as we and other state agencies continue the recovery efforts after this week's storm. Some areas of our parks may be unsafe due to heavy snow or fallen debris and we ask for the public's patience and cooperation for their own safety," said IDNR Director Marc Miller.

Illinois residents and visitors can use the IDNR website at to learn of the latest closures of IDNR-managed sites throughout the state before traveling. Some park offices and visitor centers remain without power and calls to the site may not be answered until power is restored.

Public access to closed IDNR-managed sites is prohibited by any users and anyone found on closed property can be cited for trespassing.

Please visit the IDNR website at and click on "Closure Notices" on the home page for a complete list of state park closures.

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