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Chicago outdoors showtime: Communal memories

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Coming off the Blizzard of 2011 seemed like perfect time to consider communal memories in Chicago outdoors, especially from outdoor shows.


And I did in Sunday's outdoors column in the Sun-Times.

My jumping off point was that one communal memory for those old enough to remember was wresting Victor the Bear at the old Amphitheater on South Halsted.

Ken ``The Lakefront Lip" Schneider did me a favor and dug up his photos from about 1979 of wrestling Victor the Bear. An unknown audience member took the photos, had them developed and mailed them later to "The Lip."

If anybody is the photographer or knows him, please let me know by posting below or e-mailing me at

I suggested one communal memory may have been in Chauncey Niziol's space at America's Outdoor Show with the big alligator from Jim Nesci's Cold Blooded Creatures show. People loved being around touching it.

My buddy Pete Riedesel e-mailed some photos with his youngest son Cam and suggested maybe the snake was part of our communal memories from modern outdoor shows:

Here's a communal pic I took at the show this year. I have the same pic of [his oldest son] Clay when he was younger than this with the snake. Not sure if its the same snake but its the same color/kind.


Things I like to mull.

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I've seen that picture of Kenny before. Henry's maybe, hanging on a wall?
Maybe Kenny carries it around in his wallet and shows it to people, whether you ask or not.

I hear that kens picture is posted in most bathrooms in boystown as an instructional mounting demonstration.

Mr. Gortowski, The Lip also carries in his wallet photos of every smallmouth bass over 10" he's caught since 1972. Be careful. If he corners you at a sport show, you'll be forced to look at each and every one. Just smile and nod your head. ;-)

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