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Winter break: Sledding Goodenow

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I offered the kids a couple hikes Saturday afternoon, but the little guy popped up with sledding at "Poop Hill."

Now, there is a "Poop Hill" we sled on, but that is not what he meant.

He meant the wonderful hill for sledding at Goodenow Grove Forest Preserve near Crete.

Somebody took a YouTube video (above) from a few years ago that gives the sense of it.

Well, conditions Saturday were even more perfect than those. (I only have some cell phone photos.).

There was a maybe a fresh inch of fluff, most of which was already packed into a nearly iced surface.

My daughter went first in our plastic toboggan and she was like a freaking bullet. She whizzed half way across the long field at the bottom.

The boys went spinning down next in saucers. It looked so fun, I made my daughter give me one turn in toboggan.

For winter things to do around Chicago outdoors, this might be near the top of my list.

The little guy got so cold and snow-covered from rolling his saucer a couple times that I finally called an end to it. Even then, he insisted on two final runs.

He was the one that figured out if he laid flat in the toboggan then wind resistance was less and he could go faster and farther. Well, I'm not sure he knew it had to do with wind resistance, he just knew he went faster and farther.

And that's the bottom line.

Good day.

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1 Comment

Dave, Went to staved rock yesterday. Counted 22 eagles beautiful. The canyons have plenty of ice waterfalls to get great pics with the kids.Made me laugh poop hill love it there to. Big fan of yours and the outdoors its my church. Ice fishin is good in Manhaatan come find us HAHA.

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