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Showtime for Chicago outdoors: Big week

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In this the biggest week for outdoors shows around Chicago, I plan to hit all three shows on their opening nights.


One of the things I love about the Chicago Muskie Show, beside the fact that founder Steve Statland spells muskie correctly, is the pool demonstration.

The photo above from last year was Jim Saric and Chad Cain holding a pool demonstration to a crowd of hundreds. I had to shoulder my way between a couple hefty guys to get the shot.

The outdoors show season begins Wednesday with the the venerable 81st annual Chicago Boat, RV & Outdoors Show at McCormick Place.

When I get word on how they will adjust to the Bears game on Sunday, I will post it here.

On Thursday, the All-Canada Show opens at Pheasant Run in St. Charles.

Then on Friday, the Chicago Muskie Show has its traditional Friday opener at Harper College in Palatine. It's the most fascinating of shows for Chicago fishing.

My plans are to hit all three shows on opening day, or more likely, opening evening, then post something on each opener here late.

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Do you have a listing of all the outdoor shows for the months of Jan-March, in the Chicagoland area

Richard. I will start doing that on a weekly basis, probably starting tonight or tomorrow morning. Give me some time. It's a deadline day.

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