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Ramble with Storm: Time, winter, moon

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storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Time slips away.

Figuratively, and actually.

The last time I did a Ramble with Storm was Jan. 6, more than two weeks ago.

That means I'm too busy. Ramble with Storm is my chance to reflect, then buff into words. I don't mind if I miss a day or two, but longer than that signals I have too much going.

That's been the case the last couple weeks.

I lost a couple days tracking down the bizarre story of the gizzard shad die-off in Chicago harbors. The first big week of outdoor shows took out last week. The second boy doing a weekend-long celebration of his 14th birthday took out last weekend. Getting the radio show, ``Outside,'' up and going took over what moments remained. Correction, my Bears and Steelers love took out whatever was left.

And winter just slows me. I lose something of my spark. Hopefully, it is just banked like an old-time fire in the hearth.

Last night, in the starkness of that moonlight, I felt some of the old spark building back in that sharp night light.

Hope all had a chance to see it last night. It was so bright you could turn off the car lights and drive. Not that I recommend that.

This morning, for the first few blocks of the ramble with the meathead, I thought, what's all the hubbub? Yeah, it was cold, but I felt fine inside multiple layers, full Carhartts and felt-insoles inside rubber boots.

The meathead loved it.

Then we reached the edge of town.

That tiny breeze out of the northwest suddenly froze my face into a mask. My face felt like Melanie Griffith's looks. BTW, she was born just a few days after me.

Don't know if that makes her or me old.

I toughed it out for another 100 yards, then thought, ``Enough.''

We turned and headed back to home.

My Christmas-gift high-low thermometer read 0 at dawn with a slight negative reading sometime during the night.

Life routines return.

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So when the Bears and Steelers meet in Dallas, do you return to your roots or pull for the Bears? The river is freezing so I have time to think of stuff like that today.
It's amazing how the time does slip away from us and keeps us from what we really want to do.

That one is easy. This is my home and has been for my adult life. It's the Bears. But the Steelers are part of my life, my memories, too. I came of age in the mid-70s in Pennsylvania, and those Steeler teams were mythical ones with even more larger than life players than the 85 Bears had. In part because they remained the defining NFL team for six years. The Bears had an unbelievable year in 85-86, then they were just another good team. But boy what a first year to live in Chicago in 1985..

"Hope all had a chance to see it last night. It was so bright you could turn off the car lights and drive. Not that I recommend that."

Out around me, on the side roads? You'll have to take my word that no one would notice the lack of headlights. Just don't leave them off too long, you'll probably nail a deer or coyote.

Norm, Don't you mean the Packers and Steelers?

Don't wake me up because it's a nice dream!!

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