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Ramble with Storm: Dog's life & multiple platforms

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storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

A dog's life is there.

I mean right there.

Whatever is in front of the meathead is what matters. That is his life. It has neither front nor back, just the moment.

Whatever scrap is head-high on the table is just a quick head-flick, tongue-lick away from satisfaction.

Whatever pole or fence post was recently scented by the neighbor's pointer is just one leg-lift from redefinition.

Whatever food scrap, be it chicken bone or sandwich remnant, is on the ground is just one snap from disappearing into an undiscriminating palate.

Things are different for me.

I feel like life and work shatter into moments flying away, back into the past, ahead into a future I don't fully understand, and sideways into unknown realms.

Like life is splintering into multiple platforms.

As much as I understand that is the direction of the modern world, particularly modern media.

It feels at odds with outdoor writing. And that is how I still define myself in my work sense.

There has to be a time for reflection, even rumination, for outdoor writing. It does not fit easily into the react of the moment, as if you're a dog and there is only the moment.

This stuff gnaws at me this morning because the radio show Joel Greenberg and I are doing debuts today.

"Outside" begins at 4:30 p.m. today on WKCC-FM (91.1). Online listening is here.

Over the last week or so, I have put some effort into promoting it. That felt good because I believe in our show. It is something that Joel and I have kicked around for years.

But, for some reason this morning, as Storm and I rambled across a frozen landscape now barren of beautifying snow, I fell to ruminating and realized how many platforms I am spread across.

Obviously, there is the base. That is still writing a twice-weekly outdoors column for the Sun-Times, one of the few twice-weekly columns left at a major newspaper. Even that is two-tiered, the newspaper and the online paper.

There is the Web log, STRAY CASTS, for the S-T.

I am the Chicago Scene columnist for Heartland Outdoors magazine.

To promote ``Outside,'' I thought a Facebook presence was important. That page, Outside with Dale Bowman and Joel Greenberg, takes some time. Surprisingly, I find myself enjoying it more than I thought I would.

Now, the radio show.

I am young enough that expect life to keep evolving, more specifically work in media to keep evolving.

At one point, I tried Twitter briefly. Then stopped. It just didn't seem to fit with outdoor communication.

There was something about tweeting about fishing while fishing that seemed like the context of the fishing was lost and the fishing didn't seem like fishing and more like a burden of work than fishing.

Right now, my work is work. And I treat it that way. But it is not work that feels like a burden.

Tweeting felt like a burden, and I stopped.

We all carve out our own reserves.

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Any type of communications device is an intrusion into one of the reasons I fish. i may call someone on the cell while moving between spots or on the way home, but on the water, electronic intrusions are an anathema.

Yes, that tends to be true. But I also remember when that was true while watching baseball games, and now it is a fact of life.

I won't do it at baseball games either, even at the Cell. Yes, I've been there when the Red Sox have been in town.

I have a vague memory of trying to get a certain Sun Times writer involved with online media around 10 years ago. Granted, you had good reason to not get involved with fishing forums, even my own is becoming a waste of time. But you would have learned that even a forum was a good intro to blog life, which is how I've always treated them. Go out, come home, write something about it, the next day or two post it.
That's immediate enough.
And now you're doing it. I don't need to know where you are at the moment, so don't tell me. But I do want to know how the moment affected you. Sometimes that takes 24 hours, sometimes longer. Worth the wait and the extra thoughts you put into words.

Ken, that deserves a longer reply, a rumination, than I have time for now.

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