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Ramble with Schmitt: Ice fishing in real life, beyond Bears/Packers

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edschmittnightrs Ed Schmitt offers up ice fishing

in the context of real life, sort of an alternative to Packers/Bears mania.

He e-mailed:

Seeing as how everyone is caught up in Bears/Packers fever, this may be better suited for later in the season. However, it won't be long and we will start getting those late winter partial thaws. I wrote this with that in mind, as well as the plight of the common man. Never enough time to fish.

Click here for his take on Four Season Angler's Writers Network about night ice fishing as we head out of the deep freeze.

He is assuming that we will come out of the deep freeze.

I love how sets the need to fish, in this case ice fish, within the contest of trying to fit in time around work, wife and kids.

Worth reading.

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The best thing I can say about mega-hyped spectator sports is that at least they tend to cut down on competition for fishing spots.

So have fun watching the "BIG" game guys *yawn*, we'll be out there catching all of your fish! ;-)

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