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Ramble with Minas: Open water

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kankakakee06-08-10minasturtlemug Norm Minas sent a note on open-water fishing on the Kankakee River.

Here's his account from Monday of how he does it in these heavy ice conditions:

I went out today looking for fishable water. I found enough to get by but a lot less than I like. Most of what wasn't frozen was flowing slush or the shoreline had 10 to 15 ft of ice covered border.

I didn't bother with water temps, low 30's is in the ball park. Air temps in the low 20's, kinda sunny.

I found one rock hump with it's outer edge about 2 ft out from the ice cover. I took a 15 inch smallie on a jig right at the interface of the ice shelf and the drop of the hump.

I found a riffle area where the flowing slush was light enough to allow a jig to bounce to the base of the riffle on about 1/2 the casts. That got be a small walleye twixt 11 and 12 inches.

Last spot that produced was a trib with a very small lowhead dam near the mouth. I got a solid 17 inch smallie on a Bandit 200 worked as slow as humanly possible.

The rest of the trip was a nice walk combined with climbing up and down the riverbank. It's not like I couldn't use the exercise.

I suspect that open water will be even more reduced in coming days.

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Your suspicions are correct. There was less open water on Tuesday and judging from what I saw when I took the girls to KCC, there was less today.

Nice report Norm....

If anyone dares, there's plenty of open water on the Chicago river right now.

There's always the tributaries on the Southern end of Lake Michigan...plenty of steelhead and brown fishing to be had.

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