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Ramble with Gortowski: "Dear Mr. Bowman"

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gortowskirs Ken Gortowski offered some soft soap, then lathered up about stretches of open water on the Fox River.

Apparently while my day was spent wandering America's Outdoor Show, Ken's was spent composing witty repartee.

To get the full benefit, both of the soap (all true) and the lather (mostly true), click here.

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One can always count on Ken for a savvy retort. At less than 2,000 words though, I'm lead to believe he must have held some back.

Count the pictures for being worth a 1,000 words and it is close to the usual Gortowskiesque rumination.

Since I get to say things however I want on my blog, I'm the only censor and I don't normally care, I held back on certain ways I like to phrase things.

Can you edit that down to 500 words or less?

Yeah, okay. I don't think so.

Nailed that middle aged guy on Rambles thing though, didn't I?

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