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Chicago Outdoors Showtime: Muskie Show & All-Canada

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For a change on a Friday afternoon, Chicago traffic was OK, so I doubled up on outdoor shows yesterday, hitting both the Chicago Muskie Show and the All-Canada Show.


The All-Canada Show is at Pheasant Run in St. Charles and the Muskie Show is at Harper College in Palatine. Both run through Sunday.

Bumped into lots of familiar faces at the Muskie Show, the show I think that defines how to do a Chicago outdoor show well.

I am just amazed at how the seminars pack the hall with hundreds.

Friday night there was some swim event, so there was no pool casting. But I love watching seminars and demonstrations around the pool. There will be some today and Sunday.

I didn't see or hear of anything earth-shattering, but it is the muskie show. If you're a muskie guy or simply fascinated by them, this is the world's best show.

I should have spent more time at some of the arty things and reproduction places. There is something about muskies that is inspiring to artists and artisans.

This is a rare year where I did not come home with a new lure.

At any rate, I got through talking to people and looking at stuff in time to head south to the All-Canada Show.


Friday nights are not my usual night to hit that show, so I am not a good judge of crowds, but it sure seemed packed.

It always strikes me as one of the most stable shows around Chicago, and this year is more of the same.

Bumped into plenty of faithfurl readers putting together their Canada trips.

It's that time of year.

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