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Buck of the Week: Unplugged comparison, North Park Village

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Carl Vizzone sent this photo for BOTW: Unplugged, and I wanted to compare it to one of my favorite buck photos from the same place.


Vizzone took his photo above at North Park Village Nature Center on Chicago's North Side.

One of my favorite buck photos was taken there in October more than five years ago.

So I am fairly certain it is not the same buck, but I think the bloodlines show.

Here's the photo of my buck.


I am curious if others see similarities.

BOTW: Unplugged, the weekly celebration of live big bucks around Chicago outdoors, appears on the outdoors page of the Sun-Times on Sundays.

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Mr Bowman- I enjoyed your article on America's Outdoor Show. However- what is the website or name of the company that i can get more information on The Buck Bucket you referenced. I tried to search for it and nothing comes up but deer feeders. Seems like a cool product. Thanks.

Contact him at I am not sure if he has a site set up yet for that. His ice fishing bucket site is

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