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Big flathead: Powerton Lake

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Heartland Outdoors posted this photo of a 70--pound flathead caught by Julius Adams of Peoria from Powerton Lake on Tuesday.


Powerton Lake, a cooling lake near Pekin, is open for bank fishing daily from 8a.m.-4 p.m. Boat fishing reopens Feb. 15.

Point of full disclosure, I write for the magazine side of HO.

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How could you post this without giving the guy who caught the fish the respect of posting his name? You posted what lake it came out of and missed who pulled the fish out the lake. Do you see how big this fish is? I looked though this website and everyone else had their name displayed and posted pics with fishes that this fish here would eat for a snack! For crying out loud, give the man some credit! Then I go to follow the link for the article and NOTHING is there. It's a dead link. This could have been the state record and the only thing you guys have to post is IT CAME FROM POWERTON LAKE IN PEKIN??? C'mon, the jealousy needs to stop! Just give the man his just credit!

You're absolutely right. I will correct immediately.

hey mr bowman thank you so much for putting my pic up here i think your blog is awesome... the fish was fun to catch and i had a great time fishing with friends and family... god bless and have a great 2011...

How is the catfishing been mr. adams? Thinking about going down there sometime soon. Have any hints and secrets you'd like to share with me? Thanks...

Hey tee jay... I just went there yesterday... They didn't start biting until around 11:30.. I was using shiners and Asian carp but they really loved the Asian carp cut up... I will
Be back out there at the end of the month...

Was this catfish caught using an asian carp for bait?

this is crazy, iv ben fishn out there the past mnth, prolly 5/6 times and i see guys and grls lol bring home 30-60pnd cats evry time i go out there!!!!!! Can I get a lil help!? i guess i should stick to the bass fishn

I am 13 and me and my dad were wondering if any one knows how the fish kill this year is going. Also is it good fishing right now or should me and my dad wait a month or 2

my dad and i were there saturday and got to meet Julius and what a great guy he is,i must say by the looks of the fish we saw coming out of there the kill wasnt to bad on the big boys.

Hello can anyone tell me setup at powerton? Register? Cost? Any info would be appreciated. thanks.

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