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Spence Petros: December fishing update & thoughts

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Spence Petros sends around a fishing report and thoughts every few weeks.


I think it is worth reading what the biggest name in Chicago fishing and the veteran fishing teacher has to say. That's him in the photo above from a few years ago on an outing I did with him on Eagle Lake in Canada.

Here's his thoughts for December:

For those that like ice-fishing, early ice is a great time to get out. I've been out twice and we got 50 large bluegills Tuesday while filming with my good guide friend Eric Haataja, who will be doing an internet fishing show. More details later. Went out Wednesday in a channel off the Fox River near McHenry by myself and caught well over 100 bluegills, but only about 18 keepers. Lots of anglers were seeing fish but not catching nearly as many in the shallow water. After experimenting for a while, the key to getting the fish to bite was to double nose hook a wax worm on a very small jig (size 12 Gill Pill). I tore off the back third of the waxie to shorten it, create more scent, and to thin out the body so it had more of a quivering action. It also allowed the fish to more easily suck the bait in. If I did this and made sure the jig was always positioned horizontal under the water, I rarely went more than a minute or two without a bite. A light quivering action with pauses seemed to trigger bites best. Another thing I do when ice fishing is to use 4-pound test Golden Stren on my reels, then a 2 to 3-foot fluorocarbon leader attached with a back to back uni knot. If using a very light jig, the bright line can easily be watched for bites. You don't have to re-spool one of your small reels, just put 20-30- feet of the yellow or a bright blue line over what is already on the reel.

I mentioned doing some musky shows for TV in a previous report. Joe Bucher's show will begin on December 28 on the Sportsman's Channel. That's 605 on Directv. Air times will be 5:30 am on Tuesday, 11:30 am on Thursday and 8 am on Sunday. I'll be on just about every show, but more importantly, they'll be a lesson on why, when, where or how muskies are boated. The fall musky trolling show I did with Steve Pennaz on Lake of the Woods in October will air 5 times on Verses the first week of January. We went about 50-yards into our first trolling run and caught a 30-pound plus fish. Caught 5 more that day, then a couple more the next day. For those who have an interest in the fall L.O.T.W's fishing, this would be a good one to watch for technique. And we did it with a 300-horsepower steering wheel controlled boat. I'd rather use a tiller for better control, but show sponsor's come first.

In March I'll be starting my 39th year of fishing classes. Wow... does time ever fly! I will have a map of Delavan this year, and an up-dated map of Geneva. The Geneva map will also be showing the best structures for big summer pike. I'm also trying to put together something on Bangs and Zurich. Last year we covered walleyes in rivers, this year we will zero in on walleyes in shallower lakes. Got some new rigs and uses for drop-shotting, and wacky-worming with Yum Dinger type soft plastic stickbaits, also more new stuff. For those that got the drop-shotting rods last year, I'll have them again, plus a slightly heavier version of that style that is a great all-around bass rod. As you may recall, the rods listed for over $100, and we got them for $65. If you would like to sigh up for this years class please feel free to give me a call at 815-455-7770 to reserve your spot.

The sport show at Rosemont at the Stevens Convention Center will be bigger and better than it has been in years. It will be double the size of last years show, and will have Hall of Famers Babe Winkelman, Al and Jim Lindner, Gary Roach, Ted Takasaki, and myself in addition to several new inductees. Take a look at their web-site to see what's going on...
Sorry about more commercial stuff than fishing info, but it's that time of the year when these other things are going on.

Have a great holiday season!


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"And we did it with a 300-horsepower steering wheel controlled boat. I'd rather use a tiller for better control, but show sponsor's come first."
This is what is wrong with the fishing industry, they would rather sell you crap you dont need then tell you the truth.
Thank Mr. Perry
Merry Christmas


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