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Sewage plant explosion: ``Black slurry'' pours into Kankakee

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By now, most readers know the Kankakee is my favorite river; unfortunatley, things turned ugly on it yesterday with an explosion at the Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency plant.

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There are a lot of concerns about a release of unknown amount and nature into the river. The concern is intensified because of the heavy ice and snow cover on much of the river.

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I spent most of my day off Tuesday checking the river for signs of fish or wildlife in distress. I checked 4 locations from the site of the spill downstream to the middle of the state park. I found no obviuos signs of fish or wildlife kill, thankfully. That doesn't mean none occurred, just that I saw nothing. I don't know what the long term effect will be, especially on macro invertebrayes, crustaceans, clams, and vegetation in the affected area. Hopefully there will be more done than dilution is the solution and pray for rain/snowmelt to flush it out.

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