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Ramble with Storm: Waiting on Go Blow

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storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

The meathead and I stretched out one last two-miler.

I figured we better get it in before the Big Blow arrives. The forecast the next few days makes it look like a half mile may test our will.

It was actually quite a pleasant winter morning when we started out around dawn: mid-20s, light winds with the wind chill in the mid or low teens.

Last night, the rain ended with a change to enough snow and ice to rewhiten the landscape.

There was some beauty this morning, and a crunch to our steps.

Old rabbit and squirrel tracks seemed permanently etched into the memory of old ice and snow.

By the time, we swung back into town after circling the town pond, the change was beginning: the winds stiffened from the west and the temperatures had dropped into the low 20s.

I am a weather freak. That's one reason Mike Norris and I got along for years. We're both weather freaks, maybe that should be weather geeks.

I spent way too much time early this morning going through the National Weather site to read up on the pending storm. The main discussion is here for fellow geeks.

On the edge of town, dozens of over-wintering doves clustered on wires above spilled grain. Squirrels scattered into trees and telephone poles as Storm and I trudged back into town.

I de-iced the car, made sure all the doors opened. Only one remained iced shut.

Pulled the padded Carhartts from the garage and went inside.

Just waiting on the Big Blow. And the greatest regular-season Bears game ever.

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