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Ramble with Storm: Tracks, ice & ornery

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storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

I have an ornery streak in me.

Maybe that partially explains the willfulness in the meathead. Nah, that is probably just his Labness coming out.

He was in his glory this morning.

Two inches of fresh snow. In open areas, swept into small drifts.

But it was warm enough, about 30, that we stretched out a longer walk.

With the milder weather, there were rabbit and squirrel tracks, even mouse tracks, everywhere.

Plenty for the meathead to tuck his head into snow to snuff and snort. God he loves that stuff.

My aim was to see if the two old guys in town had beat me to be the first to ice fish.

We have had safe ice since Monday morning when there was about 3 good inches. Before last night's snow, there was close to 5 inches.

The two retirees usually are the first to get out. They go old school most years, simply sitting on buckets and ice fishing.

Out of orneriness, sometimes I try to get out before them. I know the breaks and brush of the town pond well enough that I can fish spots without a Vexilar.

Nobody has been out yet.

The snow this morning was untouched. I have a feeling with the sun and warmth today the old guys will be out and be first.

I hope so any way. That would give me hope for my later years.

I don't think I can go before tomorrow.

There was a bounce in Storm's running as we came back.

I am simply waiting to see what weather arrives for the Bears game. That could put a bounce in my step.

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So Dale , You keep calling storm "Meathead" and with your new orneriness does that make you "Archie" (Bunker that is) ? ? ? ?

Hmm. That's a thought I hadn't thought.

After my oldest daughter watched Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood, she called me.

"Dad, you gotta watch this movie, that's gonna be you."

Thanks, I think.

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