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Northerly Island: Raves

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Long-time readers know my feelings on Northerly Island.


I think it is one of the coolest things done anywhere in the world for a modern wild space.

Click here for the general notice from the Chicago Park District and an included link for the plans.

Those new plans are earning raves with the formal announcement on Thursday.

Even the editorial writers of my beloved Sun-Times are finally out with positive support for Northerly Island.

Click here for the Tribune news article.

Fishermen who attended the to-do Thursday night called with much joy because Chicago fishing activities are not just a sideline but positively included in the plans.

As well they should be, it was a perch fishing derby that blew the lid off and opened up the former airport to the public. An airport formerly restricted to use by an exclusive few, I would add.

My concern is if all these great plans will get done with a new mayor.

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