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Illinois fishing: Some eating help

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For a project, I am compiling a list of places to eat while fishing or on the way to or from a fishing spot.


The Polk-a-Dot in Braidwood is one of my favorites on trips to Braidwood or Mazonia.

If you have something like the Polk-a-Dot as a favorite, post below or e-mail me at


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The Polka Dot Drive-in is right at the top of my list. I work on the north side of the city and often enough, tell people in that area that the Polka Dot on Old Route 66 is a destination eatery. I'd say, every fella should get himself all snazzily dressed up and take his bride out for the finest of dining on his and her's wedding anniversary, and soak up some lavishly frothy root bear suds while pickin apart some of that scrumptious fried chicken with cole slaw, all the while, having some of one's most cherished memories brought back to mind by the music played out from a vintage coin operated jute box.
Don't forget to splash on some Old Spice!
My, what a treat!

Many years ago when I would take my daughter down to the Mazonia lakes, this was a place we had to stop. Sometimes I think she came with just to make me stop here.

Soul Da Soul on Court St east of the court house in Kankakee. I love the perch.

The Launching Pad in Wilmington, home of the Gemini Giant also on old Rte 66

The Dairy Queen on Rte 49 in Cissna Park for Dilly Bars after a hot day wading down in east central Illinois with my good friend Phil Fiscella.

Soul Da Soul is a favorite of mine, but I have come to enjoy Bulls even more. They are similar but different. I thought the Launching Pad was grounded. Maybe I need to doublecheck that one.

How about the "Brat Stop" in WI RT 50

Maria's Roadhouse is a great place to stop for a cold one after spending the day fishing Rend Lake.

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