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Fish of the Week: Super Freak Perch

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Some fish go beyond big, beyond Fish of the Week, out into Rick Jamesian ``Super Freak'' range. Steve Fiorio caught one of those Saturday.

This is the YouTube video comparing the 16 5/8th-inch yellow perch with a girth of 11.5 inches to a regular jumbo perch when they returned to East Chicago Marina.

Click here for my column on the perch. Like I said, this is beyond FOTW.

He was fishing with his brother Joe in Joe's boat, a 16-5 Alumacraft. Beside he and his brother, there was his nephew Jack Fiorio and Jay Vorros.

The perch, caught out from Gary Light, weighed just under two pounds on the unofficial scales at Mik-Lurch. That's off the Indiana record. But if it was in prespawn mode, I bet it would have been at the state record.


A fish like that, especially a yellow perch, just makes me happy.

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Oh, you didn't think I would miss a chance to dig up James' classic ``Super Freak,'' did you?

Of course, I did.

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