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Wisconsin deer hunting: ``Active'' gun-season opener

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With even tracking snow in areas, conditions were good on Saturday for the opener of Wisconsin's nine-day gun deer season.

The thing about deer hunting, or any hunting for that matter, is that success varies by individual and area, as the YouTube video above shows.

But on a larger scale, things looked good the opener as the first two paragraphs of the opening-day report from the WDNR summed it up:

Nearly ideal hunting conditions across the state contributed to an active opening morning of the 2010 Wisconsin nine-day regular gun deer season, according to anecdotal reports from registration stations across the state.

Good weather, with no rain and cool, but not cold temperatures, along with corn mostly harvested, leaves off the trees and even a few areas with tracking snow, all contributed to good hunting conditions.

Click here for the full report.

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