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Sandhill cranes: Overhead in Chicago outdoors

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Sandhill cranes are overhead in massive numbers, from Chicago to the suburbs.

Look up.

A special day is going on.

Faithful Southeast Side reader John Vukmirovich sent this note:

A skein of about 75 Sandhills flew over a few minutes after 9 this morning. They were very high up, in a brittle blue sky, heading south by southeast, just to the left and a bit above the sun.

That's it, fall's over.

I like that turn of phrase, ``brittle blue sky.''

His report was echoed by many other reports from the city and suburbs on IBET, the birders' list, of hundreds passing overhead, including some whooping cranes, too.

You should be able to hear them, they make a rather distinctive croaking sound.

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1 Comment

I collected gall balls and oak nuts whilst the choir sang above on this day.
Hello Old Man Winter.
May your cold come fast and remain long lasting.

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