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Illinois outdoors: Political capital?

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Considering the possibility that voting on conservation issues might have swung a close election, I offered in today's outdoors column in the Sun-Times some doable suggestions for Gov. Pat Quinn and IDNR Director Marc Miller.


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As a angler who has spent probably more time fishing the Chicago river's south branch than anyone else I have seen a huge waste of conservation dollars . Most of the summer countless boats were shocking fish over and over again some told me they are from a survey group others a collage others from IDNR.The joke of it all was when talking to them one did not know about the other . I watched the great numbers of bass I caught last year go down drastically this year until they(the shockers) went away for the winter. I also watched the shocking of a rare river otter the poor animal ran on to the bank then ran right back in to be shocked again.Countless blue gill were floating up when they were trying to catch carp I have a hard time believing they fully recovered . There has to be a better way to spend our tax dollars.We all know birds populate ponds all over the world so until you stop the birds you wont stop the Asian carp

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