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Illinois deer hunting: Opening day, up & down

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Across Illinois, numbers suggest opening day of firearm deer hunting was up significantly from last year.


Not for me, as any time you see a sunset photo to go with an opening-day post, you know I didn't bag one. Saw a wonderful 6-point when my wife dropped me off early.

But across the state numbers were better in nearly all counties for the biggest event in Illinois outdoors. By 7 p.m. Friday, forest wildlife program manager Paul Shelton said call-in numbers were about 2,000 deer ahead of last year when standing corn hampered hunting.

First firearm season, which runs through Sunday, draws more than 200,000 hunters into the field. The second firearm season is Dec. 2-5.

My first season hunting will be shortened this year. I need to attend a dedication this morning, then an old friend's visitation. I hope to get a couple hours at sunset with my daughter in the stand. And tomorrow is quail hunting Downstate, I drew one of the lucky permits.

There's second season.

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