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Illinois deer hunting: Mystery monster buck

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Brian Hoekstra sent this photo of a monster buck the UPS driver at his work bagged.


Hoekstra e-mailed,

``He wouldnt give up any info of where ( i dont blame him) all i know is, its within an hour of tinley park and it was last week. Wouldnt mind having that one hanging on my wall!''

Neither would I.

It looks so thick-racked I wondered if it was legit.

So I sent another e-mail back to Hoekstra, who responded,

``I thought the same thing, i've seen some monsters that the amish shot down where i hunt in Mt. Vernon but nothing quite like the mass of this one. I have known the guy for close to 8yrs, i dont think he would try to fake it.''

I don't know what to make of this buck photo, but sure hope it is legit.

What a rack.

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Not sure why you are skeptical of the mass, that is a dandy mature buck! I love the brow tines!! What can Brown do for you? Bring him home and put him on the wall Mr. 10 Pointer!


The thickness, the mass of it, looked almost surreal, even for a good Illinois buck. It is a magnificent animal and trophy.

It will definitly go in to the record books ether Boone & Crocket or Pope & Young depending on how it was baged what a magnficent Buck

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