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Hunting: In defense

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Matt Vaccarello wrote a defense of hunting that I thought deserved posting nearly in its entirety.

It's in response to an e-mail from an anti-hunter I printed last Sunday:


I am a weekly reader of your SunTimes Wednesday column. I want to offer my support for your mentorship of your daughter.

The comments that Frank Keating made in the mailbag seemed to come from a guy with an over-lubed crank case, if you get my drift. If I were so indisposed as he seemed to be, I would hope that email was not an option, if only to preserve my reputation. Writing an outdoors columnist about fantasies of hunters being targets...what can be said of that which isn't obvious already? A few things struck me.

He's a bit hateful, for starters. No one wishes any harm on anyone else, impossible or not, unless they have disturbing problems. That's just weird. His openness was alarming.

The political correctness we have to deal with today is sickening. Folks
who don't 'get' what we do feel free to openly criticize us. That comes from the false mind-set of the anti-hunting culture we live in. One prominent premise - the idea that taking the life of an animal is wrong - is primally flawed. To deny that hunting is innate for humans is just perverse. We are nature's top predator. Period. It's absolutely fine to act like it. Even better if we're good at it, and best when we share our skills with others. No reason to redirect that energy. Its good to be what we are.

I don't suggest that we act on every killing impulse that enters our mind. I do suggest that people can rightly find great fulfillment when they ethically outwit an animal and put some meat in the freezer. Doing the same with a youngster is, in my opinion, the Holy Of Holies of the Outdoors Sporting life. Mentoring a youngster into the great hunting and fishing traditions of America, and the world, is something that gives us a generational bond with our children, as well as bonding us to all of those who went before us into the wild to find their adventure. The icing on the cake is having a kid who likes it as much as we do. The thing is, kids love when we bring them along to do the things we love to do.

If nothing else, we are parents who spend time doing legal things with our kids. That benefits our kids and us. I can't think of anything I enjoy more than being outside with my kid, doing challenging things, and possibly feeding the family some natural animal protein. That's the win-win-win that makes my heart sing.

[tangential paragraph edited out]

Any Dad who takes his kid afield is going to be a successful parent, and the kid is a lucky child who is likely to grow up well adjusted, and feel loved. You the Man!

Keep up the good work,

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