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Buck of the Week: West Loop to Pope County

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Matthew Beauregard was one of the 68,000-plus successful hunters during Illinois' first firearm season, and earns Buck of the Week honors for this nine-point.


The young man from Mt. Greenwood, now of the West Loop, downed the buck in Pope County, where his group hunts private land, at 7:15 a.m. Nov. 20.

``The buck snorted at me at about 45 yards, ran off to about 60 yards and stopped for just long enough to put him down,'' Beauregard said. ``Inside spread measured out to a surprising 18 inches.''

This has been a good year for people sending BOTW nominations. It looks like it will run well into next year.

And we still have second firearm season Thursday through Sunday, and more bowhunting into January.

BOTW, a celebration of Illinois deer hunting, appears on the outdoors page of the Sun-Times each Wednesday from about November through about January (probably longer this year). An extended online version appears here, usually by midnight Tuesday.

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