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Buck of the Week: Father & son 11-pointer

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Spencer Teske and his dad Nate earn Buck of the Week honors, symbolic of the best of Illinois' first firearm season.


Here's Nate's word:

[Saturday] morning, 11/20/10, at 6:21 am CST, this 11 point buck came out. Not only was it my shortest hunt ever, only 20 minutes in the tree stand, but it was one of the most memorable as Spence saw the deer first and pointed him out from his hunting spot on the ground. Too far for him to shoot and quite a long way out-141 yards and on the move. One shot put the 200 lb trophy on the ground. I'm sure Spencer will remember the hunt the rest of his life; I know his Dad will.

I am envious.

BOTW, the weekly celebration of big bucks from Chicago outdoors, appears on the outdoors page of the Sun-Times each Wednesday from about November through about January. It looks like a long run this year, I have a lot of bowhunting bucks to run.

An extended online version appears here, usually by midnight Tuesday. I am behind because of some other stories, so it is posted this morning, instead.

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