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Ramble with Storm: Askew (Am I an idiot?)

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storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

I've been so busy I feel askew, off my feed, however you want to put it.

And it doesn't help that nature seems out whack, too.

Oh, sure, the Virginia creeper is red and hedge apples litter the ground. And squirrels run around like idiots, stuffing their cheeks.

Maples are yellowing, but it is hard to find the reds and deep oranges in them and the oaks that make the fall visually interesting. Our backyard maple has only dropped a few leaves and the most of the ones hanging on are green.

Saturday, unofficially of course, the temperature in our backyard hit 90. It wasn't far off that mark yesterday either.

For the covering the Chicago Marathon yesterday, I didn't even bring a jacket. For God's sakes, it was 67 on the lakefront when the runners took off just after dawn.

Here's how truly out of whack things are.

Friday evening, I was working on our duck blind, trying to get it ready. And I wet waded the Kankakee in my swim trunks. My buddy waded it in shorts.

Normally, I would wonder if we are both idiots.

But it felt just fine, even kind of refreshing.

That's absurd on the second week in October.

Things are askew.

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I've already had two fires in my log burner this fall now I almost turned on the air ! Saturday and Sunday mornings were a bit chilly running down the Chicago river (at daybreak), yet we were sweating our ----- off by noon.

The water temps in the river actually went up, very unseasonable. I was wearing a short sleeve shirt while wading today and was too warm. Things are off kilter but then it's been that way all year it seems.

I saw a wooly bear worm who's light colored coat was so thin I could almost see his bare skin. Talk about a confident caterpillar.

Bill, I know you probably don't want to hear this, but so far everybody has only seen blond or light woolly bears. It is noticeable enough that people are noticing.

I too have noticed.
Silly worms.gxum9f

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