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Illinois deer hunting: Bowhunting starts great

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Bow season got off to a fantastic start for Illinois deer hunters, but Paul Shelton cautioned the weekend in the first three days had something to do with that..

Illinois' forest wildlife program manager answered my question about the first three days (bow season opened Friday) with this:

It looked good, and we had excellent weather. But you can't make too much out of three days, since the presence/absence of weekend days in the comparison is critical. We took 5304 deer in the first three days, compared to 4186 (09); 3577 (08); 2158 (07); 3323 (06); and 4245 (05). Harvest sex ratios were 72.3% female to 27.7% male.

All the same, it looks good. And that considering how windy and nasty Saturday was.

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