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Henry C. Palmisano Park: An overview

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The historic Stearns Quarry in Bridgeport, turned into a park and opened in 2009, was renamed last month, the Henry C. Palmisano Park.


It has some of the most spectacular views of downtown from the park's hill.

I think that the park, a very modern version of what an urban park can be around Chicago outdoors, is a very worthy way to remember Henry C. Palmisano.

Click here for my Sun-Times outdoors column today about the park, and its history and naming


The lagoon in the northwest corner is open for fishing, and used heavily.

This is a neighborhood park, but innovative enough that I think it is worth a trip for people who care about modern urban park space.

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Awesome park! There was an animal show last night for kids. My eight year old got to hold a boa constrictor for the first time. We also had fun catching hybrid sunfish out of the pond. But, I spent much of my time there picking up litter and trying to avoid foul-mouthed teens. Why are people such slobs?

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