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Fish of the Week: Symbolic walleye

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This 22.75-inch walleye is a symbolic Fish of the Week, symbolic of the 2010 fishing season on the cooling lakes of northeast Illinois.


On Oct. 3, the last Sunday for fishing Heidecke Lake, Patrick Prendergast took Greg Bettega fishing before Bettega's significant other gave birth.

The New Lenox friends trolled Heidecke's south side with Shad Raps, and Bettega caught this 4.5-pound walleye.

``There were a lot of boats out,'' Prendergast said. ``Lucky for us they were on the north side. We also picked up some 20-inch [hybrid] stripers.''

Heidecke closed to fishing on Oct. 5.

Mazonia lakes (except Monster Lake stays open year-round at Mazonia South) and Braidwood Lake closed Tuesday. LaSalle Lake closes Friday.

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That one definitely does not go on the wall of shame. Congratulations all the way around

Way to go Daddy-O

I'd like to get some of those thru the ice at Heidecke. When is the DNR going to open that lake up to icefishing?

Ice Nut, I ask that question every year, and so far every year, the answer is the same. Even more than the walleye, can you imagine pulling a good hybrid through the ice?

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