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Critter of the Week: Eagle chowing deer

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Jim Shemroske drops some interesting e-mails about various things around Chicago outdoors, usually from the suburbs, though this eagle chowing on a roadside deer carcass is farther afield.


He sent this photo and note:

This is These pictures were taken by my wife, Lisa on the same day (10/13/2010) in
Watersmeet, MI, near Land O Lakes, WI

The eagle was eating a from a deer carcass right beside the road!!!!

When a car drove by the eagle flew a few feet away, then right back at it.
We crept up slowly and it stayed on task!!!


His note reminds me that I am drifting towards doing a Critter of the Week or Outdoor Photo of the Week in the Sun-Times Sunday outdoors page.

If you have something in that category, e-mail it to

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This Critter of the Week photo is a striking image, even without the critter, so to speak.... Read More

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Beautiful Bird!! Great pics :)

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