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Chicago fishing: Pushed in at DuSable

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There was another attack on shoreline fishermen on the Chicago lakefront Sunday when a man was pushed in at DuSable Harbor.

Click here for the Sun-Times story.

The most notorious attack of a fisherman being pushed in on the lakefront is probably the one that led to the death of Du Doan at Montrose Harbor on Sept. 1, 2007.

According to the sentencing story in the Sun-Times, that attack was a drunken prank by John Haley. And it earned him a 10-year involuntary manslaughter sentence. Haley was acquitted of first degree murder charges.

At the same time, Haley also was sentenced for aggravated battery in another push-in attack on a fisherman, Ronald Squires, who survived, about a month earlier.

Here's a YouTube video of the vigil for Doan from three years ago.

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The story didn't say, was it because the fisherman were non caucasian? Yeah, that will really send all the people of color out this this country, two gutless morons pushing an older gent into the water.

An act like that is something I'll never be able to understand.

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