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Buck of the Week: First buck

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This is a start. Jakob Pals bagged his first buck with bow and arrow just across the border in Newton County (Ind.) on Sept. 25 during Indiana's early youth season.


``The season is any weapon but Jake wanted to use his bow,'' dad Jeff Pals said. ``We were hoping for an opportunity at any deer, however, he was blessed with a 12-yard shot at a nice buck. Jake's experience hunting last year without getting a deer paid off and he made a great shot.''

And the Crete 10-year-old's trophy makes a great way to start Buck of the Week for 2010-11.

``This was the culmination of a lot of fun father-and-son time spent enjoying nature,'' Jeff Pals said. ``We ended the weekend by cooking some deer tenderloin on an open fire. I can't think of a better way to celebrate an animal's life in death.''

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Last year, I didn't start running BOTW until early November. But I have faith of getting good enough deer to start it right away.

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1 Comment

this image is wrong in so many ways. For starters
1. he is 10 years old and has killed a animal with a weapon that is meant for adult.
2. the animal doesn't even look dead yet so he could've put him out of his misery.
3. you don't enjoy nature by destroying or killing it.
4. the bow and arrow is about the size of the kid
it is good that father and son bond together ,but i don't agree with 10 year olds killing stuff twice their size.

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