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Belmont Harbor: A parking solution?

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I guess this is a solution.


The parking fee for entrance to the north lot at Belmont Harbor has been halved to $5. That's the lot most used by fishermen, and also heavily used by walkers, dog walkers, birders and those using the archery range.

I guess that is better than the outlandish $10-fee, one of the great insults in Chicago fishing, instituted in late September.

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I'd say thanks to the city for lowering the fee but it would be like thanking a rapist for only sticking it halfway in.

This is still wrong. Many people just want to drive in and look around then leave. Fisherman like to see if the fish are hitting. If not they leave. This also kills seniors who can't afford the $5.00 anytime. They paid for these parks all their lives and now they can't afford to enjoy them. WHAT A SHAME Thank you Rich Daley and Tim Mitchell for the screwing.

Fishermen should keep writing letters to the mayor and to Mr. Mitchell as Ken S. implored in an earlier article on this subject.

To those who have already written; The city has reduced the parking fee at Belmont as a result of your activism. If enough people continue to write and complain, they will do away with this BS altogether and write it off as a bad idea.

Thanks to Dale for staying on top of the issue and providing this forum for discussion.

They should make the fee optional. Those who invented it can go right ahead and pay it. Those who don't want to, don't have to. Call me silly...but so was the whole idea to begin with.

To protest the parking rates at Belmont write to:

Mayor Daley
121 North LaSalle
Chicago, IL 60602

Tim Mitchell
541 N. Fairbanks
Chicago, IL 60601

You must sign the letter and put your return address on the envelope. Tell them parking on the lakefront needs to be FREE for all citizens. We already pay taxes for these parks.

I've been watching this one since this started. I've fished, biked, sunbathed, observed nature walked & just plain relaxed at Belmont Harbor at least 3 times a week, year round, since I was old enough to take a bus down there on my own. I am 44 years old now. I charish the beauty and serenity that Belmont Harbor brings to my life. I go here to escape the other problems in life. I am on a real tight budget and can not afford to pay $5.00 to park at Belmont Harbor every time I go in. Sometimes I go there three times a day. I'll stop there to have my lunch on some days. Now I can't access the place that I've cherished from childhood till now. I've talked to a lot of users of Belmont Harbor that have become friendly with me over the years, and they are also very upset with this. The majority of us are hard working people that are tax payers that have lived in the city our whole life and are slowly being driven away from our lake front. As home owners we are paying yearly for the parks through our property taxes. We are not just fly by night boat owners that pay for a slip, get special access to the places I pay to upkeep through property taxes. I can't even drive in to look anymore. Come on Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Daley, please lift this excessive fee and just impose it on weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There is no reason for this all week long year round. There are no restaurants, museums, concert venues that warrant these fees.


Maybe thats why ya didn't get the Olympics Dick!

This reminds me of another Chicago situation. My brother called from Ohare while waiting for a flight and asked if they had wi fi. I said yet, but it's $10 a day. He said he was just out west, and the airports out there offer it for free. I said I don't know what to tell you. Mayor Daley does not run those airports.

In Chicago they have a fee for everything except premature ejaculation. And we hear that's coming soon.

Correction: The zip code for Tim Mitchell, the General Superintendent and CEO of the Chicago Park District is 60611 not 60601.

So Boys and Girls, keep those cards and letters coming to Mr. Mitchell at 541 N. Fairbanks, Chicago, IL 60611 to protest new parking charges along the lakefront.

Anyone notice that it now co$ts $11 to park at Belmont?

Mayor Millionaire is no friend to fishermen and should be chummed.

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