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Ramble with Storm: White Sox

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storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Oh, you knew this was coming.

For the past several days, the meathead surges against the leash, ripe with energy from the fall weather. I suppose it is his Labness coming out.

Seasons change.

Good God. I know baseball season is over.

Other than peeking in on the Rays and Yankees, then waiting on the World Series.

But it's done here, done as of Tuesday night.

I had planned my week to open up late evenings for watching a classic late-season pennant battle--like what the Yankees and Rays are doing--between the Sox and the Twins from Tuesday through Thursday

Instead, we get an ass-kicking. And on the wrong side.

My kids were lucky. It ended early. Otherwise I had the TV commandeered around their bedtime, a time when usually they are allowed to watch the daughter of Achy Breaky Heart guy or the dopey twins.

It was over Tuesday night.

On Tuesday, I had my Wednesday stuff in for the Sun-Times, supper dishes away, the kids ready for bed (shuffled off to watch TV on the computer), when I sat down in time to see the game go to pieces.

I was so pissed I shut it off before the end.

It was over.

Yet, I couldn't help but watch again some of the late innings Wednesday, enough to know it was truly over.

Last night, I didn't watch any, but only caught an inning on The Score, enough to know it was truly, truly over.

Well, I did flip on Chris Rongey for the post-game. The best sports talk radio in Chicago is often the callers to Rongey in the post-game show.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but Rongey has something that makes a post-game show work. Normally, I can't stand post-game shows.

It looks like a long fall.

The Bulls and Bears look average at best. Maybe the Bulls will be a bit more than average.

Fortunately, it is soon serious hunting season and I can disappear afield.

All the same, the unexpected Sox run was fun while it lasted.

Oh, we deserve this below.

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1 Comment

Did you forget about the Blackhawks. Who has a lot more fans then the sox. As was witnessed, with well over a million fans to the sox couple hundred thousands at their championship rallies.

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