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Pheasants Forever: State by State forecast

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Pheasants Forever has its state by state forecast for pheasant hunting out. News is generally good; except the Iowa outlook is bad.


Click here for the breakdown.

Here's the broad overview:

Pheasant numbers appear to be holding steady in the Dakotas, Kansas, Minnesota and Nebraska, the heart of the Heartland's pheasant range. That means fun months ahead for pheasant hunters and their bird hunting companions.

Also holding steady are Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres. The recently completed general CRP signup will likely keep the program at or near 32 million acres nationwide, much of it vital ringneck habitat. And the federal "Open Fields" initiative is off the ground, which will help states launch or enhance public hunting access programs tied to wildlife habitat improvement.

Click here for the Illinois forecast, which appears on target and promises a decent outlook for Illinois hunting.

Click here for the bad-news Iowa forecast.

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Say, the Asian pheasant is an exotic species.

Why hasn't a Czar been appointed to look into this threat?

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