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Illinois rare bird: Sandwich tern

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Rick Remington took a wonderful photo of a sandwich tern, an extremely rare bird for Illinois.

Sandwich Tern_1rs

I am trying to find out what kind of historic place the bird has in Illinois history.

At any rate, here is Rick's tale:

I took several hundred photos of this bird. I was photographing warblers on the Nortthwestern Campus where I work. I took a walk out on the beach next to the James Allen Center when I spotted the tern in a large flock of gulls. I noticed the yellow tipped black bill and since I had never seen one before I shot as many photos as possible befor the bird flew off down the shoreline. I have shot common, caspian and fosters terns at Montrose but have never seen anything like this. It is listed as a rare bird for Illinois and I am 100% confident it is a Sandwich Tern.

That is being observant when outdoors. And a wonderful photo. I say that with a great deal of respect as somebody who has tried to document some rare things over the years in Chicago outdoors.

Click here for more info on sandwich terns.

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