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Federal Asian carp director: Some comments

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John Goss has been named as the new Asian carp director, and drawing praise from fronts as varied as IDNR director Marc Miller and the National Wildlife Federation.

At some point, it begins to feel like overkill on an impossible situation.

But at least Goss is a capable pro.

Here's the take from Miller:

Statement from IDNR Director Marc Miller on the Selection of John Goss as Federal Asian carp Director

"The Illinois Department of Natural Resources applauds the selection of John Goss as the new Federal Asian Carp Director and welcomes his knowledge and fresh perspective. The creation of this position further demonstrates that the Asian carp issue is not just a challenge for Illinois but the entire nation. As a former DNR Director in Indiana, John's knowledge of natural resources and background in government is welcomed by Illinois and other states. The IDNR looks forward to working with Mr. Goss in our continued efforts to keep Asian carp from establishing a self-sustaining population in the Great Lakes.

Here's the word from the NWF:

National Wildlife Federation Hails Appointment Of John Goss as New Federal Asian Carp Director

Recent Executive Director of Indiana Wildlife Federation a Strong Choice to Lead Federal Response to Escalating Threat of Asian Carp

ANN ARBOR, MICH. (September 8, 2010) - The National Wildlife Federation today hailed the appointment of John Goss as the new Asian carp director. The Council on Environmental Quality named Goss to the position today to lead the federal effort to beat back the voracious non-native fish from entering the Great Lakes and wreaking environmental and economic harm.

"John Goss has been a strong steward of Indiana's natural resources and the fish and wildlife that depend on them," said Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation. "As director of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and Indiana Wildlife Federation, John successfully demonstrated that he can bring diverse voices to the table to get things done. His strong and steady leadership is needed now to advance a solution to the Asian carp crisis to protect the Great Lakes and eight-state regional economy which depend on them."

The National Wildlife Federation has joined with other conservation organizations and coalitions to press the federal government to act with greater urgency and purpose to confront the Asian carp crisis. For months, the non-native fish has been advancing toward the Great Lakes through the Chicago waterways and other tributaries in the region.

"John Goss is a champion of the Great Lakes and is a strong choice to lead the federal effort to beat back the Asian carp, protect the Great Lakes and safeguard the region's $7-billion sport fishery," said Andy Buchsbaum, regional executive director of the National Wildlife Federation's Great Lakes Regional Center. "He combines knowledge, passion and pragmatism, just the right mix for the job. We look forward to working with John, the Obama Administration, the U.S. Congress and the states to implement the only permanent solution to the escalating threat of the Asian carp--building a physical barrier to separate the Great Lakes from the Mississippi River system."

Advocates urged the Obama Administration to install a carp commander with authority to ensure the government's response to control the spread of the Asian carp was aggressive, coordinated and transparent to the public.

Goss is former executive director of the Indiana Wildlife Federation, the Indiana affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation. Under Goss's four-year leadership, the Indiana Wildlife Federation was an important state partner in the effort to pass the Great Lakes Compact to prevent water diversions, confront global warming and enact sound fish and wildlife management practices.

"The National Wildlife Federation strongly supports the appointment of John Goss to the new position," said Buchsbaum. "As the executive director of the Indiana Wildlife Federation, the Indiana affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation, John led a resurgence of the organization and of conservation in Indiana. Thanks to John's leadership, the Wildlife Federation is stronger and Indiana is a better place for wildlife. We look forward to working with him as he applies that same leadership to the Asian carp crisis."

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