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Chicago River: Bridgeport Bass scenes

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Miguel Murillo and his son Danny won the first Bridgeport Bass fishing tournament on the Chicago River.


On a tough-bite day on Aug. 28, they had the sense to focus on panfish and win that side. A great idea since nobody came in with a keeper bass. They caught bluegill, green sunfish and a hybrid bluegill/sunfish.

If you're worndering, it is the same Danny I written about several times in the last 10 years, first when he was a 17-year-old senior at Kelly High School and caught one of the first notable northern pike from the South Branch.

He's back from Iraq and is an Army recruiter in North Riverside.

The first Bridgeport Bass fishing tournament had a tough, but memorable, day. Here are some scenes. I tried to put in perspective of other fishing tournaments attempted on the Chicago River in my Sun-Times column today.

I love the symmetry in this, but another high school senior, Jim O'Neil had the best story. He had a 4-pound smallmouth come unhinged while he and his dad Bill were fishing downtown near the lock.


O'Neil is a senior member of Marist High School's bass fishing team. He also caught a largemouth just short of keeper size. Keepers had to be 14 inches.

Jeff Nolan, a Bridgeport carpenter, pulled off setting up the tournament, including prizes from Henry's Sports & Bait and more unusual places like Polo Cafe and Baltic Marine Services.

My favorite part was having the weigh-in on the pier behind Lawrence's Fisheries.


Dale Mason and Andrea Brongiel helped set up on the pier, then went shore fishing around the area and brought back a mess of panfish, including this beautiful 8-inch bluegill.

Next time, the tournament needs to find a way to incorporate both boaters and bank fishermen.

Nolan said Bridgeport Bass has decided to include the shore side when the next tournament is held in the spring.

Good. I think it will hope the excitement.

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I grew up in Bridgeport, I now live in San Antonio, Texas. I saw Jeff Nolan on WGN 9/11 Chicago remembers. I saw that he went to New York to help out at the WTC. I am proud of you. It's good to know that someone from Bridgeport and Chicago was there. I want to thank Jeff and all the Chicagoans who went to NY that day. A proud American and always a son of Bridgeport. I used to fish off 31th street at the lake, during the 60's. Caught many yellow perch.

That is Jeff. He did go.

Hey Greg ,
Come fish the river with me and Molly anytime . It is a great way to leave our troubles behind .

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