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Chicago outdoors: Mayor Daley options

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Tom Dart? Mike Quigley? Lisa Madigan?


Maybe even a couple people in the background of this photo while Mayor Daley spoke at the official dedication of the Richard J. Daley Boat Launch in July 2009.

Possiblities to replace Daley as mayor.

Daley announced he is not seeking reelection yesterday. That opens up a whole range of possibilities when it comes to concerns about Chicago outdoors.

Something many of us have discussed for a couple years.

Most of the options don't seem particularly good.

But there are a few viable names from an outdoors perspective.

The first good name that came to my mind was Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Chicago), who has a long history of concerns with environmental and conservation issues during his political career. However, I am not sure Quigley would have a chance of being elected at all.

But Tom Dart, Sheriff of Cook County, is the first name that should have come to my mind.

Especially since I went bird shooting with him about seven years ago. BTW, he is a good shot. It would be something to have a mayor of Chicago who hunts.

I think he is a viable option to get elected.

A couple readers reminded me of Dart.

On a personal level, I like some of the things Dart has done in his current job.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is the wild card in this. She has some history of at least showing an understanding of the importance of outdoor issues.

And she has a good history on environmental issues.

The prime outdoors issues that I see are adding lakefront access, especially for fishermen, protecting the Chicago lakefront as a public space open to all; maintaining the green emphasis started by Daley; and maintaining a lead role in the protection of the Great Lakes, something Daley took a major lead in.

I know over the years, there has been much abuse dumped on Daley from the outdoors community.

Some of it well deserved, especially when it comes to lakefront access issues. Some of it simply gun nuts from the suburbs and beyond firing at their main target.

There have been a few nods to traditional outdoors, such as the formation of Mayor Daley's Fishing Advisory Committee and an understanding that we need public outdoors space.


And Daley suggested at the dedication of the launch above that there should be another small boat launch closer to downtown. And he has shown a willingness to at least pay attention to concerns about the outdoors.

Some other time, after I mull it a bit, I will offer some thoughts on making the framework of Mayor Daley's Fishing Advisory Committee into something more.

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A lot of us will (probably without thinking) be honoring Mayor Daley's greatest outdoors contribution in the coming weeks as we chase Kings from Northerly Island.

Yes Rob, you're right. And it's ironic too, since so many of us voted for him without thinking.

Hi Dale,

Since Daley's resignation notice, I've noticed that the Meigs Field wingnuts are starting to crow loudly about getting the airport established again. Do you know what the longterm legal status of Northerly Island is? I'd hate to see that airport reestablished and I know you'd hate it too.

Yes, there is more to come on that.

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