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Chicago fishing: Latest walleye

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I tried to put some perspective to the latest walleye caught on the Chicago lakefront, this one at Belmont Harbor Saturday morning. Click here for an update.


Click here for my column in the Sun-Times today.

Many thanks to faithful reader Art Gazda for the legwork.

And if anybody knows the fisherman, please post below or e-mail me at

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Kudos to the fisherman for releasing that walleye. That fish is a big breeder.

What a beautiful fish. It sure seems like this is occurring more and more. The fish was probably about 8lbs if you use the old trusty formula length x length x length divided by 2700. Not always right on the money but pretty close.

That sure looks like a new Illinois Lake Michigan record.

Congrats to the unknown fisherman and a real class move releasing that fish

NICE!!! Thanks for the release of the fish!! Yea your right Barry, around 8 lbs.

I wonder how those fish got into this area???????
Ken S

good job my friend.too bad i couldnt go that day. IM PROUD OF YOU!!!

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