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Chicago fishing: Lakefront walleye & rogue stockings

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A faithful reader sent a note worth mulling about the recent walleye catches on the Chicago lakefront by Jobet Palmaira (left, below) and Dan O'Brien.

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Here's his note:

Love all these reports. Contrary to how others may feel, the sizes of these fish that are being caught are consistent with what the sizes should be of the so called rogue stockings. I think that whomever put these fish in should feel like proud poppas. I am ecstatic over all these reports the last couple of years. Now we have pictures to prove the success. I'm totally thrilled that this lake could sustain a viable stocking to coincide with the fishery that we already have. I call it the goby reduction plan.

I generally describe the citizen walleye stocking movement, which has been happening along the Chicago lakefront since the 1990s, as ``rogue stockings.'' I think it is the most apt description of the illegal stockings, however much my heart and mind are with the equally rogue stockers.

Click here to read about Palmaira's walleye and click here for O'Brien's.

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Question: what is the official reason that IL/DNR will not stock walleye in Lake Michigan? Thank you in advance for your answer.

Stockings, the explanation I have always been given is that it would be one too many predators added to Lake Michigan, which is already experiencing big issues with the forage base.

Those are definately some nice fish caught up in Chicago waters....


Very nice fish indeed.

Those are some very nice fish indeed.

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